Favourites are no longer being added to folders or synced in Dev


In this version, when  you go to a website and click the star button to add it to Favourites and then follow the steps (choose Name, Folder etc.) and then click 'Done' if you then go to that folder the favourite will not have been added.


The only way I could get the folder to update with new favourites that I add is to click ... and then click Favourites > Manage Favourites > click the folder to add the site to (all the sites inside it will be shown) > right-click an empty area on the screen and click Add Favourite and follow the same steps.

Only after doing it that way, will the site will be added to your Favourites.

Is anyone else having this isssue?

Also, any new favourites added don't seem to be being synced across other desktops either.

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@ianwuk  whole favorite UI is much worse the current edge .  this alpha will be improved , i think.


still NO favorite panel in  this alpha , maybe  will bein beta version!