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A suggestion:  Please consider changing the "Other Favorites" sidebar menu to make the menu dropdown hierarchical (as in Edge Classic and Firefox) rather than popout hierarchical (Edge Chromium).  See attached screenshots capture (Favorites-FF-EC-ED.jpg) if I've not clearly described the difference.  The popout menus are a lot harder to control and don't work well on 11-13" laptop screens.

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Thank you @tomscharbach. I have added this feedback to the current list of feedback for favorites.

@tomscharbach  definitely ,  google chrome and edge beta has worst Favorites UI, current edge 's  Favorite side panel is the best.  edge beta favorite UI is even worse the IE 11

Agree with @Tom_bae.  It is annoying that I can't even sort my favorite items.

Hi maybe this is the wrong place for it, but how do I remove all my favorite bookmarks in edge dev all at once

@tomscharbach I agree. The current model is reminiscent of a Windows 95 Start Menu, where you keep chasing pop-out menus across the screen (if you're using favorites folders, as I am). I single-column panel or sidebar would be far better. Also, I'd like to see the option to put the favorites button on the address bar. The classic Edge's "Hub" with favorites, downloads, and history worked pretty well, I thought.