Favorites not syncing to Edge beta on Linux

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I've been noticing an issue where favorites are not syncing to and from Edge beta (v 97.0.1072.34) on Linux Mint Mint 20.1. I have two Windows 10 PCs using Edge, and Edge for Android, all of which can add/delete/edit favorites and sync favorites among these devices without issue. However, Edge beta on Linux never picks up these changes, nor are any favorites saved in Edge beta on Linux synced to other devices. This is a change in previous behavior, as favorites previously synced across all devices/platforms without issue.


A temporary workaround I have found is to export favorites from a Edge on Windows desktop, and import those in Edge beta on Linux. However, I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue and if there are any other fixes available. I have submitted this issue to Microsoft via Edge >Settings > Help and Feedback.

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Same hapens to me in linux mint, also with the dev and stable versions. As a matter of fact I can not sign in my account. I have read in the dev channel that it is a known issue and sinchronization has been disable untill  the problem is fixed.

Thanks for the info - I'll stay tuned for the resolution of this on Linux.