Favorites, IE favorites and Iphone


I am using Canary.

I imported my Favorites from IE and now I have two sets of Favorites.  I am running Windows iCloud and it only syncs my iPhone to IE Favorites....so......what should I do???

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I downloaded icloud from Windows store and it has support for IE/Chrome/Firefox. on Firefox I needed to install the addon, for Chrome or Chromium based browser you have to install the extension.
from there it will be easy, whatever you add it will be added to Safari and whatever you remove it will be removed from Safari as well.


Thanks.  So I can delete the IE Favorites from Edge?

after installed the extension and making the connection between Microsoft Edge and Safari using Icloud, any changes you make to Edge favorites will also reflect in Safari so only delete them if you want them to be deleted from Safari as well


So..... what is with Favorites and Other Favorites...????

Most of the Chromium browsers, if not all, have "Other Favorites" folder that Can't be deleted, looks like it's by design.
users can either add favorites/bookmarks to the favorite toolbar, Other favorites folder or create any other custom folder.


So... I am running Version 83.0.478.5 (Official build) dev (64-bit).  I deleted all my favorites, other favorites etc.  I then imported my favorites from IE.  I closed Edge and reopened it and found that Other Favorites was now populated as is Favorites Bar.  I ran remove duplicate favorites since I now had duplicate entries for the items in the Favorites folder.  It ran and ran without stopping so I just closed it and everything seems to be fine.  I have entries in Favorites and Other Favorites.  I added an entry in Favorites but it did not show up on my iPhone.  I see the iCloud icon address bar.  What am I missing?

So only that 1 new item doesn't show up on Safari? maybe takes more time to sync?


Its been 2 days



Ok... I figured it out.  It has been ages since I retired from Microsoft and this all brings back many days of frustrations I experienced being a developer.  I thought it was all behind me!!  Anyway, I did not have my iPhone settings correct.  Settings - Your Name at the top - iCloud - and turn on the Safari switch which I had off.  The changes you add to Edge Favorites Bar goes into iPhone Favorites not Bookmarks.

Oh nice, great
I wasn't so familiar with Safari on IOS, I only keep a Mac virtual machine on my Windows 10 for testing purposes :)