Favicon mistery

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When I access this Google Translate page using the Edge Canary or Edge Stable on the notebook, the correct favicon is displayed, this one:  Spelunky_1-1613646470913.png

But when I access the same address from the PC, using either Edge Canary or Edge Stable, the favicon that appears is this: Spelunky_3-1613646595833.png

I am using the same versions of Edge Canary and Stable on both notebook and PC.

What could be the cause of this?




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if it's only that website then could be website's problem,
any other sites have the same behavior?



I thought about it too, but if it was a problem on the site it should affect all browsers, and not just the 2 that are installed on the PC... oh, and yes it is only on that site... I cleared the cache, and it didn't solve... uninstalled and reinstalled the browsers and also did not solve...
But it's ok, it's nothing that hurts, it's just weird