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1. When i open browser its show loading & slow opening.
2. Can't sign in profile.
3. Please reduce CPU & Memory consuming.
4. Please bring smoothing browsing
5. Please add built in VPN & Ad Block
6. Download manager is too poor.

Hossain Shahriar
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Did you install Windows Defender Application Guard extension?
because Edge doesn't need it, it has the feature built in, so if it's that extension try removing it and restart browser.

for your startup settings, which one is it set on?

about download manager there is a dedicated discussion here:

About smooth browsing/scrolling, they are listed here in the quality area table, actively being worked on:

there are many VPN extensions out there for Chromium based browsers, you can install any of them on the new Edge browser.


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But i can not sign in profile with microsoft account. i share a picture . and i update march 27 update. but can not sign in.. why boss ?
Could you try reinstalling your browser? (make sure to check the box for deleting user data when asked during uninstall)
Boss please suggest me, which version i install? Which version is better & suitable? Dev, Beta, Canary, Final Version? Please give me link

I use Canary on daily basis but to be a little safer you can use the Dev channel:


Stable channel:


Insider channels: