External SharePoint (on prem) - need to enter permissions again after opening slides in PowerPoint

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Hi everyone,


we recently rolled out the Edge as our new official browser. Was a smooth process so thank you all for the good "adoption help".


Although we have one (until now) little problem.

Some of our colleagues have access to an external SharePoint (on prem).

This SharePoint URL is set in the "Trusted Sites". They used IE to access and open the files.

They have their own username and password for this.


After they switched to Edge they have to login twice. One time for the SharePoint and the second time if they open up a file.


Is there any way (without adding the site to the IE enterprise list) that the Edge "hands over" the permission to Office?


Thanks in advance


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What version of SharePoint are you using?

It depends on your configuration and normally it should ask for credential only once.

However, you may report this issue through Feedback option in Microsoft Edge.


I am the support for the external clients. :) So i do not know the exact patching version. It looks like SP 2019 on prem.

I was just wondering if i might miss a plugin or setting in Edge to make this work as it is working in IE.



It depends on the configuration but from my experience with SharePoint 2019 without any plugin and tools , it works well with Microsoft Edge. Therefore, make sure report this issue through Feedback option, so Microsoft Edge team could investigate.

Thanks i will. I am just not sure when to press ;)

As the popup in Office has no feedback button - and before there is not really a problem. 



you can press the feedback button on Edge or use the shortcuts (Alt + Shift + i),

in the feedback window go to attachments => recreate my problem => start recording

while it's recording, reproduce the issue and once you're done stop recording and send it. it will gather necessary information to attach to your feedback.


There is also support for individuals and support for businesses (1 on 1) in here: