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As per the post here, chromium extensions are no longer able to navigate to file URLs as of Edge (and Chrome) version 118.

This behaviour can be modified for a particular extension via the new file_url_navigation_allowed ExtensionSettings policy, This has been added to Chrome 119. I tried the Edge Beta (119.0.2151.38) and Edge Developer Build (120.0.2172.1), both of which report:

ErrorError at ExtensionSettings.<extensionId>: Schema validation error: Unknown property: file_url_navigation_allowed


Can you schedule this for Edge and let me know what version it will be released in please?


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If this is not the right place for this type of request please let me know where I should post it. 


I have tried the latest Developer build (120.0.2186.2) and the issue still occurs. 

@Markw290I to would like to see this in edge as well. Chrome uses the "file_url_navigation_allowed". This doesn't appear to be in this guide:



Anybody has news about this?

I'm testing with Edge canary (121.0.2220.3) and in edge://policy/ I have an 'Unknown property: file_url_navigation_allowed' error for the ExtensionSettings policy