Extensions Sync Enable/Disable per Machine

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The extensions have started syncing between my machines (which is great), but I actually want to have slightly different configs for some extensions between the machines, but sync the others. Is this possible?


For example, I would like to sync all extensions, but keep 1password disabled on one machine and instead have 1passwordX running. The sync engine has downloaded both extensions to all machines (that's fine), but if I flip the switch to disable it on one, it gets disabled everywhere, which is not what I want.


Some way of keeping the extension Enabled/Disabled status local to the machine, but keeping the syncing going for everything else would be great. 

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@wigster Good question! I'll loop the Extensions team in and let you know if they have any insights to share.


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Same here: I like to have the extensions installed and configured alike on all my machines by sync, but the enable/disable toggle should be per machine in my opinion.