Extensions are not being updated automatically nor manually if downloaded from Google web store

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Extensions are not being updated automatically nor manually when a new version of them becomes available in Chrome web store where they were first downloaded from. one of those extensions are ublock origin.


*when I say manually I mean going into extensions page and manually clicking on the update button.



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Edge Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)

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Thank you for alerting us to this issue, @HotCakeX.  I will make sure that we have a bug on this.

- Elliot

@HotCakeX Thanks for reporting the issue.


We are looking into the issue but I want to know if the issue is still persistent or not. The browser checks for the update of any installed extension every few hours so ideally it should get updated by now.




Hi, unfortunately it's still the same. the extensions are not updating.

this might seem unrelated but does it matter if someone is connected to a VPN? and of course the country the VPN is connected to? i noticed something similar by another member and looks like Im myself having the same issue. there is no reason that Edge features (in this case extension updates) don't work in all countries, am i right?

@HotCakeX  Were you using VPN? If yes, from which country were you accessing?





a couple of countries, EU, Asia, US the thing is it's supposed to be "private".

there was another user in the forum reporting something similar about another feature, I don't remember which country  but I think it was in the ME.

so the question is, why is there country restriction on Edge features?

If i hadn't used VPNs i wouldn't have found out about it. but now that i have I wanna know why it it there. none of the browsers I've worked with had this. Google Chrome for example never puts any country restrictions. so?

@HotCakeX Microsoft Edge didn't impose any country specific restriction for Chrome Web store extensions update.


How about for sync features? many people i talked to are having the same problem. there IS country restriction for sync.

For information, the extensions are still not updated automatically (Ublock in my case)


Do you know if this issue is being looked into? I'm seeing the same with at least one extension from Chrome Web Store: "I don't care about cookies". I have version 3.0.6 installed, but the newest version is 3.0.8... I think we are talking about two weeks without it updating.


The automatic update have worked in the past, since it's been a while longer (much longer than two weeks) since I installed the extension and I have gotten a newer version since then.

It's hard to test for me because I need to wait for an extension to be updated by the developer to see whether Edge can get the update on time or not,
I guess if Edge developers had fixed it they would have said something
Update: My "I don't care about cookies" was updated today. Maybe Microsoft has a long time between checking for updates to extensions?
I'm running Version 80.0.345.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)
Yes, that makes the "update" button in the extensions page useless. it doesn't work.

when you press it, it says extensions updated after 1 second, there is no way that it can check for updates that quickly.