Extension settings window is too small !


I have received the update for Edge Beta Version 79.0.309.12 (Official build) beta (64-bit).


I have noticed an issue with the settings for extensions.


When we click on settings under : Settings > Extensions > Details (for extension) > Extension options.

Some of the extensions use little popup window to show settings and I have noticed this issue on few extensions.


See the picture attached for example.

1. The window is too small, we get scroll bar to scroll horizontal and vertical.

2. Also the main window gets scrollbar as well.

3. Close button is also not aligned properly.


If extension is having its dedicated web page for settings, there are no such issues.

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Bump. Just checking if MS noticed this issue ?

This is one of the very first things I noticed as well after installing a couple of extensions. The content doesn't fit, the double-scrollbar at times, the partially hidden close button... Looks so ugly that I can't believe no-one caught this during development. Even making the popup Extension Options dialog resizable would fix this.


Does the Edge Dev team even read these threads I wonder?




this is indeed a need, please fix it, Edge team