Extension "move to menu", goes where?

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Under what menu should I be seeing these? I thought maybe a flyout from "Extensions". They are simply gone as far as I can tell. Reset browser to defaults doesn't bring them back, I have to remove and reinstall the extension to see it on a toolbar again. Doesn't work so well for the policy enabled force install extensions.

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They go here, just tried it myself. press that menu (pink circle) at the top right of the Edge browser window.


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@HotCakeX  I don't see what you see. All I have in my Edge is my Favorites bar. In other words, no Menu. The Extensions selection has always been there and it's not a Menu. We want to know how to unhide the extensions. 

Well, show me what you see?

no menu? you mean you don't have the (...) button at the top-right side of the browser? then i really need to see a screenshot.

there is no way to hide/unhide an extension. you can either move its icon under the (...) menu or disable it.
Hi. I replied in my thread: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/how-to-unhide-vs-disable-enable-my-extensions-in-...

I see three dots but everything else is different in my version of Edge for Win8.1
Okay lets continue there.