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I must congratulate Microsoft on developing a really good performing, revamped Edge based on Chromium - it really integrates well with Windows and has all the benefits of an actual Chromium browser, with extra layers of privacy on top of it.


As I went to "%localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default" I saw many folders with data, and the "Extensions" one seems to be holding the main bulk of each extension.

I have a question regarding that - how does the new Microsoft Edge handle the files after an extension has been "uninstalled"? Is every file left after an extension wiped off like it's never been there, or are some of them left possibly for manual deletion?


I'm just curious on how Chromium-like browsers handle extensions and if such browsers can remain "clean" in the long run should a potential user install/uninstall many of these on a single installation, thus not bloating up or potentially causing some extension file conflicts.

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When i uninstall an extension, its folder gets removed from my user data directory. Edge insider canary

@Averion Thanks for reaching out. I've looped in our Extensions team and will let you know if/when they have any insights!


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