Expose each Edge's tab and PWAs sounds to Windows sound control separately


Expose each Edge's tab and PWAs sounds to Windows sound control separately so we can set different volume level for each of them


When I install YouTube, Spotify web player or similar sites as a PWA (progressive web app) in Edge, or use them in different tabs, I want to be able to control each of their volumes separately using Windows sound control or the audio widget of Xbox Game bar, for more convenience and control over the sound we hear.


currently, everything is shown and combined under "Edge".






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I agree with you!

But I noticed a recurring error in the MTC, twice is saved post-just refresh and it causes sharing in MTC I'll add a screenshot.

Good morning @HotCakeX, thanks for the feedback. We are working on this one, but it's challenging for a few reasons - I'm not sure exactly how long it might take us to get it ready.



PWAs should definitely appear inside the Windows "Volume Mixer" as separate items, as the whole thing with PWAs is that from the user's perspective, they function like a native app. Hence I would expect to control the volume for each one individually.


But I'm not so sure about exposing individual tabs in the Mixer, though. Maybe a better-solution for that would be to add a "Tab volume" option to the right-click menu for a tab, say below "Mute tab", and in the chevron flyout-menu have "100%" at the top, which is the default, and go down in 10% steps to 10%?


For example:




This setting would persist between sessions, and a new "Volume" category get added into the edge://settings/content page, where users can easily remove such customisations, or add a site in-advance to the list.  Muted tabs should also appear in the same place.

Hello @johnjansen 

good to know you're working on it, thanks

Hi is there an update on this features progress? I work as an IT Help desk agent and it would be amazing if I could have my YouTube PWA and my amazon connect PWA on seperate audio outputs as my headset has a built in audio channel mixer. @johnjansen