Export / Backup installed 'Apps' (PWA's etc)

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Hi All / Edge Team,


It would be great if there was a way to backup/export your list of installed 'Apps' (websites you have 'installed' to behave like a PWA)


From what I can see, they are managed in the chromium framework as if they are faux extensions, but not visible through the extension UI.

If this is the case, can they possibly be enabled to be exported as a CRX file?


I'd love to be able to back these up as they have become an integral part of my windows experience.
I imagine they possibly sync with cloud sync, but I don't use that and don't plan to - and besides, I need a way to migrate my apps between the different builds of Edge.



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at the moments, PWAs don't sync, but I do want them to be synced for safe keeping and if they get synced, you can use them in different builds of Edge, either on the same machine or different machines, there is no limitations for that.

they can also be synced selectively, like a checkbox next to each PWA to choose which one should sync.

enterprises have the ability to preinstall sites as PWA in bulk for workstations, but for consumers I see sync as the best and most reliable option.