Explicit effect for those EV Enhanced Validation ( fingerprint keys ) with https lock icon

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Can we have EXPLICIT visual notification of an Extended Validated domain be made visible in the Edge series of browsers? Secure browsers can be intercepted, decrypted but the authentic site's fingerprint CANNOT be duplicated!

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Secure browser connections can be intercepted and decrypted
by authorities who spoof the authentic site's certificate. But
the authentic site's fingerprint CANNOT be duplicated!

Domain NameCertificate NameEVSecurity Certificate's Authentic Fingerprint




Each site's authentic security certificate fingerprint (shown above) was just now obtained by GRC's servers from each target web
server. If your web browser sees a different fingerprint for the same certificate (carefully verify the Certificate Name is identical) that
forms strong evidence that something is intercepting your web browser's secure connections and is creating fraudulent site certificates.
Custom Site Fingerprinting
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