Experimental Flag For Dark Web Contents No Longer Available, Now I'm Forced To use An Extension

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I'm currently using Version 124.0.2478.10 (Official build) stable app, beta channel (64-bit) of edge. Previously I was able to utilize a experimental flag to darken web pages so they didn't blind me when I opened them, with this version and possibly others the developers have for some unknown reason removed this particular flag forcing users to have to rely on an extension to do the same thing, I'm wondering why that particular flag got removed ?

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The good news is it works in the canary channel (Version 125.0.2499.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)).
Hopefully it was removed by mistake?
It still works in Chrome.
Please don't remove this Edge! Even though it's buggy, it's so much nicer to read the web in dark mode!