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I have feedbaked to ask a way in cookie configuration, to let us disable cookie (or third patie cookie) but add a third switch to easily whitelist Microsoft cookie.

Because in my configuration i often have a problem with edge who block sso of microsoft.

And i ask a switch to let choice to the user/admin sys.

If you think it's a good idea.

Like and feedback it too to ask the function to microsoft DEV

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I did this already, in the other thread and i showed you link to the solution
remember it?

yes i know here i only ask a switch to manually activate it for thowe (like me on my work computer) who totally disable cookie to have a way to uncheck cookie but check "microsoft" cookie only. (like that an admin sys can forbid all cookie and let microsoft services work normally. without to manually add any exeption in the browser


Edit of course it's a very low priority request but it will certainly be welcome in entreprise.

I don't know why any company would want to do that, that's something that only Microsoft as the owner of the cookies "might" do it, other companies have their own set of websites they interact with.
so there will always be a need to manually enter exceptions.
even Microsoft needs to work with other websites.

Actually we use this configuration to test the reaction of our webapp if the user forbid cookie by default, to be sure our software don't just crash/not-load who will harm our publicity.

Okay, so you're saying that wherever you work at, they only want Microsoft cookies be allowed and not any other companies'? not even a single other company?
Actually (for now), computer in some services even not allowed to access to internet.
But here is more for the "test" services, with this feature it let them access to Bing, Outlook, Teams. and do their test with all cookie disabled with a simple GPO (if accepted).
It's why i tell it's a low priority feature because it's very specific, but if we do it, some other maybe to it too.
But it can be useful to people who don't want to check cookie and authorise manually like you have explained me on the other post. some user want just to disable cookie autorise microsoft and don't modify anything else so for these too very specific user it can be a good feature.
You can add individual services you use like Teams, Edge sync, Bing etc. to the exception list and toggle the button to block all other cookies.
the people you are referring to, definitely need to have access to more websites other than Microsoft websites so it's better to adjust the cookies exception list manually based on each company/user's needs.