Everytime I make a new profile, there is a extenstion installed by default

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You may have seen these banners in about recommending you switch to the new edge or get the Bing wallpaper app.


One of these was this enhance your browsing experience app. It basically installed the Bing wallpaper app with the same install process but it installed Microsoft Rewards Extension into the browser.


Now, every time I make a new profile in edge, I get a "!" in my menu that there is a new extension installed, do I allow it or disable it. 


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Yes, I totally agree but why is this enhance so secret since no one in micorsoft had any resources about this. This is really strange, ??
It doesn't do anything malicious though, everything it does is well documented in Microsoft Docs, just not an easy way to revert that.
you can send feedback about that tool to Edge team
It is docuemnted? Where is it? I cna't find that "doc" and also I do understand it isnt' malicous just wish there was a much easier way to uninstall this update.
Yes, I t=conacted support and they replied
I already linked it above, instead of typing and posting quickly with lots of typo, take your time and actually read the thread maybe
I see what you mean now but that wasn't about the Extenstion. Nvm, thanks
That enhancement tool is not documented, yes, but things it does are.
Yeah, that is the strange part. Well it didnt' make it's start page though.
Well anyways, thank you very much for helping.

Have a great day!!
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