Every time I print to PDF in Edge (Windows 10), it crashes Edge.

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Every time I print to PDF in Edge (Windows 10), it crashes Edge.  This started about 1 month ago it must have been a patch.  My windows 10 version - Version 20H2(OS Build 1904.1766).  So, now I am using Chrome as my default browser, till this gets fixed.


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Hi @vmmorrison 

It looks like you're using an outdated version of Windows that's causing an error.

Windows 10, version 20H2 end of servicing - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Docs

 I suggest you download the Update Assistant from the Microsoft website.

Download Windows 10 (microsoft.com)

Ok I updated windows 10 to Version 21H2 (OS Build 19044,1766). rebooted twice just in case.   No, go edge the same thing print, printer Adobe PDF, press print, shows the folder to save and then EDGE crashes. Tried MS print to PDF, but that crashed sooner. Does not crash if you send it to the printer.  

this extension causes, disable the extensions one by one and check, any additional security or not up-to-date application
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Getting the same issue on multiple machines all with 21H2 was working fine but since Edge version 101 when printing a PDF Edge crashes. We have tried the following
* Updating Edge version by version up to .104 still get issue.
* Roll back to prior to .101 using GPO to roll back and works
* Tested multiple pdfs difference sources still and issue
* Used same pdf to same printer using Chrome and it works.
* Tried different drivers on print queue and different printer type and model still happens.
* Rebuilt pc from scratch fresh OS and tested still happens.

*Removed all extensions still issue.

Any other document works fine and printing a webpage works fine but when printing PDF crashes.

Hi @KCCSunshine 

Alt+Shift+I , Please send feedback there and include diagnostic data - only so the Edge Team can fix it, it will help other users to solve the problem.


I am experiencing the same problem. 
Whenever I try to print using MS Print to PDF, the closes the printing dialog window but the save dialog never appears. The Edge keeps emitting error sound to all my clicks.
It also seems that it keep opening new instances, because the only method or closing the Edge after that is using task manager, and it shows a large number after the Microsoft Edge name (50+ normally).
Sometimes, I also have to restart Microsoft Explorer.
I am also experiencing this kind of problem when I try to choose a file to upload - the open dialog box never appears also. I seems to me to be a communication problem between Edge and Windows API.

Well an update on my issues and maybe might help others if they stumble across this. It turned out to be an issue between Edge and another piece of software we use called Impero. We are an educational establishment so this may also be affecting other users using Impero. We added an exception in the Impero server settings and Edge stopped crashing. This is a link the the fix we found and I hope this helps others who maybe experiencing the same situation.


Once we did this we had no further issues. (Woo Hoo!!)
Thank you for this update, this has been plaguing me for months so much appreciated! Our issue was only affecting Microsoft Surfaces so I would've never put it down to Impero. The latest version (8.6.11) includes this workaround so rolling it out now and early signs seem good.


Just to let you know that my problem has been fixed now, 10/19/2022.  I do not know when or how it was fixed since I have been using Chrome as my default b/c of the issue.  But today, I tried it since I got an email for this thread.   In my opinion, it must have an update.   Sorry, I can not provide more details. 

In the EDGE browser, select print; for the printer, select  ADBE PDF; file explorer opens to save the file, then you save the file (at this point, it would just bring down the window, and you were unable to save the file).  Now I can save the file--GREATE!!! thank you to whoever fixed it. 

@KCCSunshine Can you tell me exactly what to do as your link doesn't seem to work anymore.  We are having this problem in our school and it's driving me nuts. 


Thank you



Thats annoying they have changed the support page. Luckly I saved the content in my OneNote. If you don't block Edge for exams etc you can just follow the first part of this.


Upgrading to the latest Windows Spring Creators edition (1803>) causes performance issues with the Microsoft Edge browser.


To fix this issue please follow the instructions below:


Open the Impero Server

  1. Select the Tools tab and click on Injection Exclusions

  2. Under Application specify the following browser_broker.exe

  3. Under Description specify the following Microsoft Edge

  4. Click on Add Exclusion.


  5. Repeat point 3, 4 and 5 again adding RuntimeBroker.exe and Microsoft Edge

  6. You are required to restart the Impero Client services

 Hope this helps you out Andy :)




Apologies for chiming in but while it's still fresh in my mind...

In Impero Server, go to Tools > Injection Exclusions and add msedge.exe.

Be aware that with this applied, you can no longer block Edge as an application with an Impero policy, you'll need to block it as a window caption instead.
Wow super fast responses from everyone. Thanks guys