Errors in Group Policy for Edge 92 Templates

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Is anyone seeing errors in the newly released Edge Group Policy Templates for v92?


When I attempt GP Results in the GPMC or when I try to open the Administrative Templates, I get an error in line 737, Row 66 in file msedgeupdate.admx:


     <item displayName="$(string.Name_ForceInstallsMachine)">


This appears to be an undefined string in the associated ADML file (msedgeupdate.ADML)


There also appears to be extra characters on line 706 (literally this is the line):  \


Line 716:   </policy>\


My recommendation is to delete line 706, edit line 716 to delete the trailing slash character and delete lines 736-741.  Save this to the AD Central Store.  It seems to eliminate the error, and given that the description in the affected GPO (Update Policy Override) doesn't seem to have any reference to a setting other than Enable (1) or Disable (0), so I'm not sure what "Force Installs Machine" (5) would indicate or do.  My theory is that it's a transient entry from bad editing.


Thoughts from the community?



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@JayBee703  same here, deleting the item that refers to inexistent string solves the error (737-741)

@JayBee703, ditto. Also, line 238 (literally this is the line):  \


Apparently, Google had implemented the Name_ForceInstallsMachine and Name_ForceInstallsUser in their Omaha open source project (which is Google Updater, I think). I guess Microsoft doesn't need it but missed a few things to completely remove it. If interested, see lines 137 and 139 here: 



@KC_GRH The newest available templates (patchlevel 78) fixed this issue ->