Error playing on Amazon Prime Video

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I have an error when i play  content on amazon primevideo, i've tried to close edge dev and restart pc but the problem still remain. I've also tried to use the old edge and it work on prime. 


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@doobansa I'm getting this, too, but it doesn't work on my desktop while it does work on my laptop. Both are running Windows 1909 and the latest Edge Insider Dev build. So the software is identical.


I'm wondering if it might be something to do with my GPU? My desktop has a Vega 56. My laptop is a Surface Book.

I have a Nvidia 1050 and windows 1903, maybe there is a problem with gpu acceleration (remember the problems on YouTube player). I'll try to disable the acceleration and test if it does work.

@babananana Maybe. Could be an HDCP issue?


Amazon Prime Video worked fine on this same machine before the latest build.


I don't think, I've tried to turn off and on the gpu acceleration and it works on me. Amazon prime video works well now.

@babananana update, now with current version prime video and netflix don't work with gpu acceleration turned on