Error in opening PDF files

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Sometimes when I open PDF, these two weird tabs are launching instead of PDF in Version 85.0.564.63

these two tabsthese two tabs




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@Deleted This is recurring so often now. Thank you.

I'm currently on Version 86.0.622.38 (Official build) (64-bit) windows-10 2004 stable.
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@Deleted We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. This looks like a known issue that causes PDFs to open multiple tabs in older versions of Microsoft Edge (primarily versions 86 and 85.) That particular bug was recently resolved, so I'd recommend the following:


  1. Ensure that your browser is running the latest update (edge://settings/help)
  2. Try opening the same PDF on one of our earlier preview channels
  3. If you've tried the first two steps without success, please submit in-browser feedback and diagnostics, if you haven't yet. ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)


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