[Error] Can't find variable: logMutedMessage On Edge Mobile.

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1. Environment:

  • browser.name: Edge Mobile
  • browser: Edge Mobile 116.0.1938
  • device: iPhone
  • os: iOS 16.6

2. The reproduction steps:

  1. Set the iPhone to battery-saving mode.
  2. Open this page(https://campaign.nbilly.naver.com/clova-for-writing-with-smarteditor) on Edge Mobile.
  3. Attempt to touch the play button of the background video.

3. Problem:

"ReferenceError: Can't find variable: logMutedMessage" error reported to my Sentry.



It seems to be a bug in Edge Mobile, but I couldn't find anything related to it even when I searched here with the keyword logMutedMessage. Is there a place to report bugs?

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