Error 4 and page shutdown on Debian Buster following latest update.

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Is anybody else seeing this problem.  Some pages, I've yet to work out any pattern, are half-rendering then the page is closed and the 'Error 4' message displayed.  This happens repeatedly when retrying on the same page but subsequently does not always re-occur if the browser is closed and restarted. 


This has started happening from the last Dev update a few days ago for me. 

Not too worried as these things come and go but since I've recently updated to Buster I thought I'd check with other Debian users to see if anybody experiences the same.



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Hey there! Just wanted to confirm that we haven't seen any other reports of this coming in, but I'm keeping an eye out for anything similar in case it's something other than the distro contributing to this one. If you haven't already, can you submit feedback in browser so our team will be better able to correlate this if we start seeing more reports?



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Thanks Alex - I haven't sent feedback so I'll fire it up and do so.  I'm sure it will probably be specific to my OS setup which is long overdue for a clean and scrape.



Hey there! Just wanted to confirm we've now seen a couple reports of Debian users getting this error and I'm following up with the team for investigation. If you don't mind dropping your OS setup here I'd appreciate it, I'll pass it directly to the team! =)


‎14 Oct 2021 08:54 PM

Dev channel update to 96.0.1043.1 is live

  • Fixed an issue where new tabs sometimes immediately crash as soon as they’re opened.

Isn't the answer to the question? I've experienced the Error 4 at random recently. I've seen the annoying  message even hours before upgrading Edge yesterday. BTW. I've started reporting about that logically unexplained phenomena from October the 5th. I'm very keen to find out if the fix was the bullseye hit I was waiting for.



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