Entire app became unresponsive for several minutes

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Hi, the entire edge app became unresponsive for several minutes. This is "Version 79.0.309.11 (Official build) Dev (64-bit)" on MacOS 10.14.6.  I've attached a sample taken while it was frozen and attached it here (had to use .csv, this site won't accept .txt).

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Now I'm on "Version 80.0.320.5 (Official build) Dev (64-bit)" Was using it for a while and laptop fan started going nuts (Edge was using the cpu).  Kept closing tabs to see which one it was, but with no browser windows open, the browser process was still using 240% cpu time. The app was still responding fine though. I've attached another sample taken with no windows open but while it was using high cpu. Also see attached screenshot of the task manager.  Hope it helps.


Going to https://myturbotax.intuit.com/ crashes the browser when trying to log in. The crash happens after it says it has send the 2nd factor request to my devices. I never get a chance to enter it, the entire app crashes/closes.

Edit: This happened on Windows 10 - "Version 80.0.320.5 (Official build) dev (64-bit)"