Endless loop for asking if I want to open Windows 10 settings (location permissions)

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I started to use Edge (Developer channel) in the office, to see if it is compatible with our internal software / applications. 


When opening the calendar of, it asked me if I want to give permission to the site to use my location. I selected yes. Then a pop-up window came up, asking me to open the settings to Windows 10, as location is disabled there. 


Location is a setting that is managed by my organisation, therefore I cannot turn it on. If I click on the "No, don't open settings", it just pops up again. If I open settings, I cannot change the location settings and when I go back to Edge, it comes with the pop-up window about the Windows 10 settings again. Essentially I cannot even close the tab, as the pop-up window is "above" it, so Edge expects me to deal with that first. 


The only way to get out of this, is to force close Edge, using the Task Manager. 


To avoid this, I deleted from the sites that are allowed to access my location within the Edge settings.

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Hi there,
next time it asks for location you can just deny/block it and it will go to the list of blocked websites in here: edge://settings/content/location
In case it doesn't stop that, you can completely block notifications for that website in Edge settings: edge://settings/content/notifications

@HotCakeX Thanks a lot!


I'll do just that in the future, though probably it would be good to keep this in mind for the developers, as this can easily happen within organisations, where location is managed by the IT department!



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