Encrypted SNI feature request

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Is there any timeline when Microsoft Edge based on Chromium will begin testing Encrypted SNI? 

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Thank you for this feedback @Neil. Haskett. If we implement this feature, we will announce it on the Insider website, here:

Thank you for your reply @Elliot Kirk.

You can follow the feature request for Encrypted SNI support in the Chromium platform here:

@ericlaw hello i want to ask a question.

There is any implementation of it (in alpha state) in the chromium project ?


If it's the case can you at list add a flags to active it, if not, why not add this code (on edge or chromium (it's up to you) )and add a flags, because for now only firefox do it.


edit : One more thing, since synology router propose since there last update DOH (dns over https), it would be nice to let the user (when edge will come to implement it), the choice of the dns ((system or built in), unlike firefox who force the built in dns (and some router do dns over https natively).

No, there is presently no implementation of ESNI in Chromium. You can follow the feature request for Encrypted SNI support in the Chromium platform here:

Hi @ericlaw 

thanks for that link, I just starred that too, but in case it takes too long or not be implemented at all by Google, could Microsoft implement it for the new Edge browser alone?

@Neil Haskett @Elliot Kirk 

that chromium bug page was closed for false reason (duplicate). looks like they just ignore it.


Why Microsoft is not implementing this on Edge only?

@HotCakeX @Neil Haskett @Elliot Kirk 

Actually ESNI will never be implemented in chromium since there is a "new" version who try to stantardise ESNI by close collaboration, facilitated by the IETF, between academics and Cloudflare, Fastly, Mozilla.

Is name is ECH (link is the anouncement by Cloudflare).

Interesting, I assume we won't see it in action anytime soon reading their "road ahead" paragraph

If i understand correctly the chromium team, they don't like much implement technology who is not standardised (exeption of the one from Google of course)

Yeah and it looks like this new one takes years to become a standard