Enable window opening animation when Edge window is maximized

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Almost all other applications have window animation when they are opened with their windows maximized, but Edge and Chrome not. You can only see window opening animation of Edge and Chrome only when their windows are not maximized. This behavior is different from other applications, such as File Explorer, Firefox.


Is their any bug or technical difficulty that prevent window from animating when maximized? Chrome has this problem for a long time. Since Chromium Edge is Microsoft's offical product, you team should fix this strange behavior and maintain consistency with other applications in Windows.

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Are you seeing this on Windows 11 specifically, or on other versions of Windows as well?

@josh_bodner I see this on all Windows, from 7 to 11.

Okay, I see what you mean with other browsers like Firefox having a good animation in that case, so since it's something that we don't do on any version of Windows, it definitely seems like something Chromium just never implemented and that we should. Have you filed feedback from within the browser about this yet?

@josh_bodner No, I haven't. I thought I could feedback here.

This place is good for discussion, but filing feedback from within the browser automatically creates an item in our feedback database that we can correlate with other feedback about the same thing.

@josh_bodner OK, I just filed feedback within Edge. Hope that helps.