Enable "Offer to save passwords" in Edge

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When RoboForm extension is installed, integrated autofill is disabled. Why? It was working fine in previous non-Chromium Edge. I want to save some passwords in RoboForm and some just in Edge. Why I have to choose only one provider?



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Hi @RaptorCZ, this appears to be a change that the Roboform Extension made, and is not specific to the Microsoft Edge browser:


Why can't I use Chrome's built-in password manager with RoboForm?

The decision to replace the built-in browser password manager with RoboForm was made following the careful consideration of both end user and reviewer feedback. Such a setting modification is standard among modern password managers and is enabled by major browsers. In addition to browser password managers being less secure than RoboForm, receiving autosave password prompts from both the browser and RoboForm proved to be an added inconvenience. With that being said, while we cannot provide an ETA, we are still investigating the feasibility of simultaneously offering both options.