EMUI Desktop rendering issues

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I have been trying to find an answer to this on Huawei's community forum and subreddit, to no avail, the response being "please use the pre-installed browser".

The issue with EMUI Desktop on an external screen is that in Edge - just like in any other recent Chromium-based browser for that matter -, the content section and the tabs pane goes frozen and unresponsive as soon as the phone screen turns off, and won't be active until the phone screen is turned back on.

The only browsers that work are Huawei's own (with an outdated Chromium-engine), and Samsung Internet (but how long, and also lacking Authenticator integration).

Since I started using Microsoft apps with subscription at work, it is only logical that I
would also use Edge.

I have a gut feeling that switching something in edge://flags could solve the problem, but I am absolutely unsure which one.

Has anyone had this issue, and how did you fix it?
If it's not trivial for the end-user, could Edge devs get a hint from - probably rather - Samsung Internet devs, provided that they do tweak something, and their browser will keep working on non-DeX implenetations?

Thanks in advance!
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