Emojis in right-click context menu in new Edge is Awesome

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lots of times i was on PC and i needed some emojis from Android so i had to create an empty sticky note on my phone (Microsoft launcher) and then copy it from the sticky note on PC, but now it's all here (most of them at least). so thank you :)

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Glad we could make this a little easier for you!

@Elliot Kirk 


Hello there :) Yes it is good option, but it not should be first option on right mouse button click context menu when text is selected. When I right click on address bar, URL is selected and logically first option should be COPY, second one CUT and after that other options... emoji... etc. Obviously I do not want to paste into address bar any emoji... but want to copy or cut selected text.




Very good point. they can reorder the right click menu for the address bar and put emojis in the middle but keep it at top when right clicking on text fields or similar places in a website.

btw i just tried it in Chrome 78 canary, it's the same as Edge canary.

@HotCakeX this is a Windows 10 specific feature also. At any input field in the apps, you can try Win+. or Win+, to access the Emoji panel. Also, you can use Win+V to access the clipboard history too...

But I am glad the Edge team implemented it in Edge also...


Yeah i know. i had access to it through insider long before it was made public.

and it's not an Edge feature. Google Chrome has had it too.

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