Edit Password ability lost in latest (Jan 04,2023) update.

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With the latest iteration of EDGE (update on Jan. 04, 2023) I have lost the ability to edit saved passwords.

When I click on the EDIT button, the screen goes blank, and EDGE program closes. Same happens when I click on the "eye" icon to SHOW PASSWORD, screen goes blank and EDGE closes.

I have searched for a solution online and apparently this happens when EDGE is tagged as "Managed by your organization". Down at the bottom of SETTINGS, on my screen, it shows "Managed by your organization", but I am an individual user, and have no organization. Before this latest update, I had no problem with editing passwords.

The only solution I found online was to edit 10 lines in my registry, which I am not comfortable with doing.

Can you make a change in the next update to remove the "Managed by your organization" line for individual users, or at least add a way for individual users to turn off this functionality?

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