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In "Favorites" when you call the context menu (right mouse button in the "Edit" option -> "Edit favorite" there is no possibility to paste data into (Name" and "Web address"). I don't understand why pasting is only available in "Open Favorites". Paste should also be available in the context menu under "Edit".

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I'm slightly dimmed, I do not understand which Favorites you're talking about. I got two of them - tab/page version and sidebar version. What context menu do you mean - panels' areas, folder names, hyperlinks names or edit windows with two entry fields Name and URL?
Anyways you can paste data to Name and URL using Ctrl+Insert keys.
Describe the issue once more but do it as if talking to a layman, if you don't mind. (smile)

@pp_e2 This should make things easier. 

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The paste option does not work in these fields. And that should change for user convenience.