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Hi there!


I'm a bit lost here, would appreciate if you guys can help me out. So today I logged in to my computer and went to Edge, as usual, but to my surprise, ALL my workspaces are simply gone, there is no sign of any of them. I was hopping I could find them somewhere on my sharepoint or onedrive, and I'm becoming a little bit desperate of losing it all...

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Hello @lucasfogolin 


did you solve your problem, i have the same at the moment.




Hi, in the Edge browser, open the favorites tab and at the very bottom you will find all the saved workspaces that are assigned to your Edge profile (Microsoft account).

@Baseman no, I did not... in fact, I've spent about a month going back and forth with product support and they couldn't find them neither, had to cut my losses and start all over.


One thing the product team recommended, though, was to create the worksapces and generate a share link, so that they're kind of obligated to be synced to the cloud. You can check how to do it here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/getting-started-with-microsoft-edge-workspaces-63a5a6d7-3d...


After I've done that, just generated the share links and saved them to a text file, didn't actually invite any users to my workspaces, I had no more troubles, but wasn't able to retrieve my lost workspaces at all.


@A1 im sure @Baseman also, using this feature, is aware just as me on where we can find the workspaces, the point isn't this, is that whenever we try to load the workspaces menu it shows nothing there, as if no workspaces was created, and this problem continues unsolved.


I understand, maybe in this documentation you will find a hint to explain this problem, also for other users:

Microsoft Edge Workspaces | Microsoft Learn