Edge won't stop downloading from OneDrive

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On some website, I tried to upload a photo saved in subfolder of Pictures of OneDrive, which was set to online only. Through the Open / Select file dialog of Edge browser, I navigated to the folder, but it didn't show any thumbnails (thumbnails show fine in Explorer). So, I opened Explorer, copied needed file to Desktop, and from open file dialog of Edge, I selected the file to upload.


Now, ever since there's "Automatic files download" notification popup showing up by msesge.exe. It seems that Edge is somehow keep looking for files under OneDrive folder.




This seems like a bug, it's keep popping up in Windows Notifications and it's annoying. Already reported through Edge feedback. Posting here in hope to get some tips to stop Edge from downloading files from OneDrive.

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Also which Edge insider and version are you using?
what's the version of your Windows 10?
Thanks, that's interesting link. This issue is separate I think, as mine is related to Edge keeping a lock on file saved on OneDrive, and trying to download it even when I don't want to.

I managed to make it stop, I guess. I tried to open another site, chose to upload a file, and navigated to C:\Temp where a random photo was saved. Uploaded it. So far, that popup haven't come back.
Edge Dev: Version 81.0.416.3 (Official build) dev (64-bit)
Windows 10: Ver 1909, build 18363.657
Well that's good,
Idk why Edge would need to be closed for OneDrive to stop downloading, that's weird
I think Edge is keeping file open, which it shouldn't. OneDrive thinks Edge needs it, so starts background download.
That scenario is totally possible yeah