Edge won't open in a new window

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Hello, I find it irritating that I am not given the option for me to immediately be taken to a new window that I have opened. 

This would be a huge upgrade to Edge.

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Do you mean that when you right-click on a link and choose to open it in a new window, the browser won't shift the focus to that window automatically for you?

or do you mean you want to skip the new tab page on start up and would rather see a blank page?

@HotCakeX Yes, when I right click on a window, I am not taken to that new window. Do you know how to do this?


just to be sure, you are referring to this option?




when i do that, Edge automatically takes me to the newly opened window. I'm on Windows 10 latest version

OK yes, that does work. But it is in a separate window apart from the tabs already open. It isn't a tab window grouped with the other windows.

The 'Open Link in New Tab' doesn't take me to the newly opened window within the group of Windows immediately upon right clicking it. I guess I'm used to the Firefox browser which does give that option. @HotCakeX 



Aah now i understand :)

you want this option to be available in Edge



 (image from Firefox Dev)



But no worries ^^

just install this extension and it will provide the same functionality for you, I just tried it and it works great :)





Ctrl+Shift+click on a link will open it in a new tab and switch to it (no right-click required).