Edge Windows Search Integration - possible Windows 10 Timeline integration?


Microsoft Edge Version 91.0.831.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)






it's a Controlled Feature Rollout


Share browsing data with other Windows features

When turned on, Microsoft Edge will connect local browsing data from this profile with the rest of Windows. Turning this feature on will help you find information from your history, favorites, top sites and recent tabs more easily using features such as Windows search box. If you turn off this feature Microsoft Edge will remove the data shared with Windows on the device and stop sharing any new browsing data from this profile. Learn more

I'm on the latest Windows 10 insider Dev build and latest Edge insider canary, so far I couldn't see any sign of this feature working, it's very new, just added to Edge canary. so eager to find out more about this. I personally would love to see Edge history appear in Windows 10 timeline, just like Edge legacy's did.
It's very interesting, I submitted a feedback for the exact same thing 2 months ago. 
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Have you seen this working? I received this today and browsed across a couple of websites, but they do not show anywhere in places like Timeline.
Not sure about this one, latest Windows insider builds are removing history sync features and websites.