Edge Web Capture leaves much to be desired.

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While i appreciate the ease of taking screenshots and web captures, my issue is the lack of editing tools after the screen grab. 


Currently there is only one tool - DRAW - which does allow you to change the size of the line and the color but beyond that it does nothing. 

i often use the screen screen capture tool in the Edge browser when creating tutorials for users. An example would be when i am creating a page in our help center which displays a tutorial on how to execute or fulfill certain tasks. Also, i use it during real time support requests when i have an active user waiting on the other end for my response or instruction.

Using the draw tool on a laptop with a trackpad results in the most unprofessional squiggly line that could even be imagined. The resulting image gives the idea that I am likely providing support while enduring an earthquake with a Richter magnitude scale rating of 6.0 or greater, or perhaps i am in the middle of warzone while artillery shells are raining down around me as i attempt to highlight the various buttons and links to follow in order to connect a web3 wallet to our dapp. 

Could you at least add the option to drag and drop elements including shapes, arrows, icons, etc. This would make the tool infinitely more useful and quick to produce a sharable screengrab with actionable instructions in a far more professional appearance. 


Thank you!

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