Edge Video Weirdness

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Please see these bizarre screenshots - Chrome vs Edge
chrome v edge display1.png

My yoga studio site starts with a full screen video. I opened the site today (after an automatic Windows 11 update), and the opening screen looked weird. See the pictures showing screenshots of https://weavervilleyoga.live/welcome  Chrome vs Edge. (Using Developer Tools, I removed the overlay for better view.)

I tried opening the video in the native player: just as bizarre. https://weavervilleyoga.live/files//7316/1075/1585/Sdclass-2.mp4 (showing 0:02 seconds in. I suggest watching the whole video to see the weirdness in action).
Tried all the standard fixes: restart Edge, reboot, etc. Video driver is up to date. Firefox and Opera also display OK. Any ideas?


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