Edge version 96.0 1054.62 64Bit

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I am getting a profile error when closing edge as discussed here,

Edge shows Profile error w/ 'Some features may not be available' (techdows.com)


I have repaired edge, and it is up to date also-->  96.0 1054.62 64Bit

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Hey there @zep516! Can you provide any additional information on when and where you're seeing this error? The fix for the issue described in that blog went out with version 90 and shouldn't be resurfacing, so it sounds like something else might be causing this dialog to appear for you. Any information you can provide to help dig into this would be great, including checking your extensions and any third party security or proxy/VPN software, and confirming if you're noticing any other profile issues beyond the 'something went wrong' pop!


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Hello Alexandra-R,
Thanks for replying, I have no extensions and do not run a third-party Anti-Virus. Looks like I may have broken it then using a malware removal tool (FRST64) I am trained in malware removal and have been doing it many years on the forums. I ran a scan on my machine and then went ahead and deleted some entries, some directly related to the Edge browser that I thought were un-necessary bulk, I just found it odd that I created the same error in that blog I posted. This happened a while ago so too late for a system restore. Not seeing any other problems with the browser except I can't get it to open in full screen, it may not be saving my changes as the error points out.


I am on version 99.0.1150.55 and still facing this issue. I tried resetting edge. Also updated to the latest version. Full scanned my laptop using windows security. Still the issue is not solved.