Edge Version 86.0.622.38 - Issue opening certain Salesforce pages in the same tab.

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Since the last update there is a bug within the edge browser opening  up certain sections within Salesforce. Specifically area that are still hosted in their classic environment, but published into their Lightning experience seem to be heavily affected.


When clicking on the link to open embedded classic view, instead of embedding itself in the same tab, the browser will open a new tab and  open the section there, this second tab is completely unresponsive.


There is a video of the issue here and I have attached the console logs from my machine after opening the link also.


Please let me know if you need anything additional

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just wanted to say that you shared a video link from your organization's Stream which people from outside can't access, without the credentials from admin.
Thanks, I did wonder if the password protected it, but to be sure they could access it I attached a downloaded version in the .zip file
Same issue here.

Having issues with embedded visualforce pages which at opening pop up a in another tab. Issue occured from last Monday until now.