Edge Version 84.0.522.49 (64 bits) is closing automatically

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the browser is closing suddenly when i start typing in the direction bar. This happens with one or more open tabs when i'm typing in the direction bar. Does not matter how many chars i've typed the automatically closing is variable but only happens when typing into direction bar.


I checked if the sync option is disabled and it is. 

Solution that i read in this post: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/fixed-edge-canary-automatically-closing-version-8... 

but it didn't work.


Browser version:   84.0.522.49 (64 bits).

O.S version: Windows 10 Home 1909 18363.959



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I have the same issue with this version. My sync option is already disabled and I find the Search Suggestions very handy.

It only happens if you have Google as a search engine. If it is changed to Bing it does not happen.

@jacricelli This worked for me! Thank you for the link. I wonder why this is and how long it will take to finish, but I never cared for suggestions anyways.

@Miniaikon To me it was the Address bar search engine, when I change it to any other than Google.com default it works.


I'm not able to even start Edge. Getting the same 84.0.522.49 side-by-side error. Suddenly not working at all. I had set up 4 tabs to open automatically upon start up which has been working great. Wondering if that has something to do with it...?

Tried reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ but no effect.

Any suggestions appreciated!