Edge-to-edge concept for New Edge Canary for Android

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I'd like to give a suggestion too: please, set the nav bar as transparent, using the Edge-to-edge concept from Android 10, like you guys already does on iOS (here: codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/gesture-navigation#3 , here www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf-fP2u9vjI, and here developer.android.com/training/gestures/gesturenav?hl=pt-br )


Look how this bar is ugly, makes the screen smaller and pollutes the screen as well...



Look how it's very better, like the Edge works on iOS and how it should be on Android as well. The little home bar change its color depending from the background.



This division of the interface is also ugly.


Another suggestion that I'd like to see in the future is the "force dark mode" in sites that don't have support to the changing color API. Various browsers already have it.


And, congratulations! The new Edge for Android is incredible :D you've gone a good job.

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