Edge Tabs not restored after reboot

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Edge Tabs not restored after reboot. Issue surfaced sometime early 2023. This was a non-issue prior to this time. It is not know specifically when the issue first appeared therefore can't be traced to a specific update. 


  • Settings: "Start, home, and new tabs: When Edge Starts: "Open tabs from the previous session" 
  • Logged in with MS profile in browser
  • Profiles/Sync: Open Tabs enabled
  • Auto update enabled
  • Current Version 113.0.1774.42 (Official build) (64-bit)


This is a deal killer for MS Edge. why should I not just go back to Chrome or any other browser with this functionality???

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I'll add that all pinned tabs are lost too.

Hey, @heatonmead, I have been battling this problem for seems like a couple months now. I have spent hours researching it and tried everything I found to no avail. In my case, I have a set of three windows with around 50 tabs that I work with continuously. It is a real pain after a reboot for them to keep coming up blank. I have tried cycling hardware acceleration, clearing cache, restarting edge to no avail. My current workaround is to select all tabs and refresh but that is very slow and results in higher memory usage than would otherwise be necessary.

@MWETulsa Has this been corrected by MS? I love Edge but keep switching back to Chrome for this very reason. It's incredibly frustrating. 

@DanKok In my case I had configured Edge to clear my browsing history in Settings > Privacy, Search and Services. Issue was resolved when I disabled this setting. It made sense when I thought about it. 

@heatonmead yes, I guess that does make sense. Do you still clear cookies and other site data?  

I do for security purposes but you may need to re-login to sites requiring authentication. I haven't had an issue since.

I avoid chrome because I experience performance issues with large numbers of open Tabs in the past so I was happy to fix this.
Thanks for your help!