Edge Tabs (closing tab doesnt return focus to last tab used.

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It really would be so much help to users if you would return to the "last tab used" when closing a "current tab", rather than just hitting the next tab back... there could be 10 tabls open and I would jump from tab 1 to tab 10, close tab 10, and expect to be returned to tab 1... Is there a reason why this feature is not being considered? 

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Hi @dan_zenzel, we are still working on a lot of our user experience. I have let the owner of our tab management know of your comments. Please keep using the build and let us know how we are doing.

@Elliot Kirk thanks, please also consider using most recently used (MRU) tab switching when using the keyboard shortcuts (same behavior as windows alt-tab). IMO that should be the default as the current behavior is pretty much useless, and default are harder to change later. I think both issues are related as they need the focused tab history.


If you want to gauge interest, just look at these issues on the chromium project regarding this: 


As of this post date and current version if I open 5 tabs from Tab 1, no matter what one I'm on an close it it goes back to tab 1 . This is really annoying as I would want it to go to the next tab opened. So in plain simple terms I have Tab1, open 5 tabs 2-6. I read and close tab2 it should go to tab3 or if I read tab5 and close it should go to tab4. I just updated yesterday to Dev 92.0.902.4 and prior to this it wroked the way I wanted it to.

Just updated to 92.0.902.8 and still the same problem.
Go to edge://flags and disable Tab Groups and Tab Groups Auto Create
hi @Elliot Kirk I just wanted to check if there has been any update on this please and thanks in advance?