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Does anyone know why the ability to move the tab close X feature keeps coming and going in Edge?  I think many Mac users would like this (including myself).  It's gone in release  80.0.361.56.  Just wondering if it will ever come back? 

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could you attach a screenshot or explain more about "move the tab close X feature" ? thanks




Thanks for the pic, hmm on Windows it never was placed on the left side, didn't know on Mac it's different


On the Mac it was an option that could be turned on at edge://flags/#edge-collections  The option comes and then disappears with various releases.  On Mac it's more common to have the close X on the left.

Oh, Flags are temporary, they come and go without notice

@dreed47 hi, I'm onVersion 80.0.361.57 (Official build) (64-bit) now and my x to close tabs on the left is gone.

this is outrageous, it was a flag to was working absolutely fine on Mac and fully consistant with the OS standards.

I even logged a feedback request about it to get it on the left by default.

Got a mail back saying my request was being looked into.


Now it's just gone.

This is pretty low.


i want to love this new browser on my Mac but don't take away feature that make it consistent with my base OS gui.

@dreed47 Thanks for reaching out. I asked the mac team about this and will let you know if they have any insights.


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@Deletedis there any updates on this?  It's been many months! 

Any update on this issue?
It would be great to have a toggle option under edge://settings/appearance
We should have the opportunity to do this on Linux as well. Vivaldi can do it easily, Firefox with some difficulty. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge can't.