edge syncing

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i still see syncing issues its not showing what i saved affects all channels

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What type of sync data are you referring to?

@HotCakeX sync data for favorites passwords and so on there sync problems



what do you see when you click on your profile picture on Edge toolbar about sync?


what do you see when you go here? edge://sync-internals/

in the type info table. is everything green and running?


try signing out and sign in again in your Edge see if it helps


if you haven't already, file a feedback using the feedback button on Edge (shortcuts: Alt + Shift + i )

tried everything something gone wrong with sync server of edge not syncs at all
Okay but what about the questions I asked above that could help understand the situation?

you are looking for help by posting here, is that right?

you right sorry i looked in sync internal I see configuring data types its transport state
there errors with server fetch all favorites with edge dev beta canary