Edge Syncing Issue

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I was wondering if anyone here could help me with the Microsoft Edge syncing issues that I am having within my Citrix environment. I keep getting the following error edge. When I  setup the account  shows its syncing and the icon is green. However when my session ends and I log back in I keep getting the error below.


Any idea's on what it might be?



Transport State Disabled
Disable Reasons Waiting for sync url
Sync Feature Enabled false
Setup In Progress false
Auth Error OK since browser startup
Sync Account Type AAD
Version Info
Client Version Microsoft Edge Windows 92.0.902.84 (c04f45e8f08ccf4fb4388efae578d6565cf7a982)
Environment Info
Server URL
Server Environment no_env-no_ver
Fetch Message EDGE_AUTH_ERROR: 6, 2, 0

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Did you ever find an answer?
This is the only hit on EDGE_AUTH_ERROR: 6, 2, 0 I can find.
I have 3 work accounts in windows 11. one of them after a struggle, does this and never sync's again. I cannot work out what 6 2 0 is. I am guessing it is an identity issue, but all that I am doing with those credentials work in that profile and in M365 premium. no logon prompts.