Edge synchronizes old bookmarks

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Hi, I have version 80.0.318.0. If I turn on sync, it still gives me old bookmarks. I tried to reset everything, delete it, but nothing helps. Edge is good, but this bug forces me to use Chrome.
Can't instantly sync or add the "Sync Now" icon?

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Hi @Kocinko 


  1. if you have any other devices and Edge insider browsers connected to the same Microsoft account syncing, then temporary Sign out of your Microsoft account on all of them and only keep 1 of your devices syncing and signed in at a time.
  2. in that 1 device, delete all the bookmarks you want and let the browser run for an hour or two in order to upload the changes back to the server.
  3. after that, start singing into your Microsoft account and enable sync on all other devices (if any) and you should be good to go.


normally you shouldn't need to do this and wait that long, but given the current circumstances and how experimental Edge insider is, that should be a good workaround.

HotCakeS, thank you for your help, but I tried that.
Also bookmarks synchronization using Registry editor. Nothing helps ...
Registry editor for syncing bookmarks?
Oh but it's talking about the Edge classic and not the Edge insider based on Chromium, or am i missing something?